How to use abby cloud ocr registration key?

Hi All,

I have license of Abby Cloud OCR.
Please help me how to use registration key in UIPath Studio? As Abby Cloud OCR Activity has properties like “Application ID”,“Password”,“Sever Url” but no option for registration key.

Any help…much appreciated.



Hi Paresh,
If you have a license for ABBY Cloud OCR you need to first register your application on their website. ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service requires authentication before allowing access to its API. To have your client program authenticated with the service, you need a registered Application ID and Application Password. You can find the Application ID and Application Password in the e-mail message sent to you on application creation. To get started and create an application, please follow this to register.

Please note that abby finereader engine(the Abbyy OCR activity) and abby cloud(the Abbyy OCR cloud activity) are different.

Hope this helps.

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Magali,Thanks a lot for reply.

Yes. I have license of Abby Finereader Engine and not of Abby Cloud OCR.
Can you please help me out how can i use activation key of Abby Finereader Engine?


Paresh Borole

Hi Paresh,
In this case you need to install Abbyy Finereader Engine on your machine and activate it with the license. Then you should be able to use Abbyy OCR activity instead of Google OCR or Microsoft OCR.

If you have any issue with the finereader engine installation only Abbyy can help you. You should have received installation instruction in the email with your license key. If not I recommend you contact Abbyy.


Thanks Magali.

It is resolved after installing Finereader Engine with Admin Rights.

Thanks for help!

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