Is ABBYY FineReader is necessary

Actually why we need to install Abbyy FineReader to work with Abbyy cloud ocr . How come we use Abbyy FineReader in uipath and is Abbyy FineReader is license based it is open source.

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Hi @KiranPadma,
Please have a look here:

Seems that you need Abbyy’s ID provided when subscribing to the Abbyy Cloud OCR service.
As Abbyy stands:

Application ID (application identification) is written in the license file properties.

So I can only guess that if you want to use cloud based solution from abbyy their license is needed (probably because for the “cloud” stand a whole servers farm which are working on every ocr query etc.)

Please remember that you can always use not cloud based Abbyy OCR activity (or Google and MS) which is free and doesn’t require any license.

Hi @Pablito,
Thanks for your reply . I think your answer may help me alot.

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