How to use 2021.10.4 new take screen shot activity

Hi all
i was trying to use new moder activity take screen shot but i dont know how to use that can any one help me i need to take screen shot of desktop application
attaching the image

Hey @bpt.teja1996,

Please select output to image and give the path and file name in file name option.


Actually you’re using classic design Experience! you can try with modern experience for that just do like this

Now search for Take Screenshot activity indicate it on screen and this will works for you

In classic experience also just indicate the element on screen


@THIRU_NANI @shreyash_shirbhate caan anu one help me with xml please

Hi @bpt.teja1996 ,

There are two things we have to check to resolve the issue. thanks.

  1. We must use this new take screenshot activity inside the Use application/browser activity. if you already using inside use application/browser ignore this point.

  2. Indicate the screen which you want to take screenshot by using indicate in APP to resolve the issue.


Classic Design Experience:


Modern Design Experience


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