How to update values in excel column

I have an excel.if the column B2 ,C2 are filled with values I need to update the input value in D2 same vice if the column B2 C2 D2 is filled I need to update in WE .can you help me to solve this

Hi @sruthesanju

Depending on your Use Case. the simple answer is

  1. to Read Cell activity for B2
  2. Assign Boolean variable that checks for cell B2 contains Null or Empty (String.IsNullOrEmpty([cell B2 variable]))
  3. Repeat for cell C2
  4. If activity to compare B2 and C2 and Write Cell to D2

Can you make it dynamic ,check the column is empty or not because I can’t check each and every column because I need to check B2 to AA1

Can you send the sample input file and output file(like how output should be…)? @sruthesanju

Hi @sruthesanju

Please see this post on how to convert column number to column name (e.g. AA to 27)

You also need to convert Excel column name to column index (e.g. 26 to Z) to get the next column by incrementing the column index.