How to update value as 0 in column

Hi Team ,

I want to know your approach as in how can I set the value to 0.00 in Work Column.

FYI- It has many row not just 5 rows :slight_smile:
Sorry i can’t share URL.


did type into activity helped you on that
Cheers @md.ahtesham

yes , type into works fine.

so were we facing any issue in that

@Palaniyappan how i can find the end of row for work column.

Data scrapping is giving only 5 rows which are on screen, but there are about 12-13 rows.

I would suggest to go for send hot key with down key
Then a type into activity then a down key and again a type into activity…in sequence this would ensure that all the rows getting updated

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Thats smart way :slight_smile: , but how we will know that it has reached the end ?