How to update the row in a datatable based on variable

Hi Guys,

I have a data table dt1 with a Column name ‘AR Number’ .
I need to update the Colum ‘status’ as success for all the rows matching the ‘AR_Number’ in dt1.

‘AR Number’ value i will be getting in a variable from another data table dt2.

so, AR Number from dt2 when matches in dt1 should be updated with the status.
Below is the dt1 data table having AR Number and status.
if the variable from dt2 contains ‘4000061875’, bot should update the corresponding status in dt1 as success.


HI @vinutha1

Bot should simply check whether the dt2 contains the Ar number present in DT1
if yes status as “success”
if not status as “something as per your requirements”

this is the query can you confirm?


@Sudharsan_Ka ,

Yes …bot should check dt1 contains the AR number present in Dt2. if yes then status should be updated for all the rows of that number as success in dt1

Okay here is the sample workflow
Sequence2.xaml (10.9 KB)

The steps will be like

  • Read range Both the dt separately and store in separate variable
  • For each row in dt1
    • LookupRange in dt2 and store the cell address
    • If cell address is empty print “Failed or whatever you need”
    • If not return success in the status of dt1

hope this helps


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka ,

I Am getting this error, Can you pls tell me which package should i update


These are all the versions in my projectfile



which activity have you used?

As same as the steps I told

  • For each row in datatable
  • Excel Application scope
    • Lookup range
  • if
    • assign
    • write range


Use update row item and try to give possible values

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