How to update the data table in between for each row after deleted a record in excel sheet

hi Team,

i have excel sheet with 4 rows.
i want to remove the duplicate records.
i applied logic read range into Data table and compared with other columns.

now i removed 1,3 rd and 4th rows and inserted into other excel sheet. then already data is contains the data table with 4 records but reality is deleted the 3rd, 4th and 1 st rows.
it is trying to find the any duplicates with 3 rd row. and found 4th row so in excel sheet again adding 3rd, 4th row second time. any suggestions. how to update the data table data inside the for each row.


Check below post for your reference

Dt.Rows(index).Item(ColumnName).ToString = Your value

Hope this helps you


If the requirement is to remove duplicate rows. You can simply use Remove Duplicate rows activity.

Ya Shubham i applied same activity… thanks You

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Great! :slight_smile: