How to update specific row in data table

Hi guys,
I have a table with phone numbers as phone_table={911111111111,2222222222,913333333333,914444444444,5555555555}. now i have to add 91 before the 10 digit phone numbers… and i have to update the phone_table. The output should be like phone_table = {911111111111, 912222222222, 913333333333, 914444444444, 915555555555}.

Please guys help me if you know

Hi @Sunitha_Bist,

You need to loop through entire datatable using “For each row” activity and then in the sequence you need use assign as :

row(0).ToString = “91” + row(0).ToString
row(1).ToString = “91” + row(1).ToString
row(2).ToString = “91” + row(2).ToString
row(n).ToString = “91” + row(n).ToString

for all the columns.



hi vikas.Jain
Thanks for your reply,
I dont need for all the rows because some will have by default as 91… So i gave If condition over there as if(row(0).ToString=10) then row(0).ToString = “91” + row(0).ToString… my question is that, how can i update in phone_table and it is not in column… it is in row wise in table

@Sunitha_Bist, A table will surely have column and rows.

However with the example you have given, You can split the elements on the basis of “,” into an array/list, then append it with 91 and finally, assign it back to the same array or list.



thank you vikas.jain… it worked for me

Here Take that all data into DataTable…Run a “For each Loop” for the data table and check
//Leave it




Try with this it will work…

Hai Vikas,jain corejava.xlsx (10.6 KB)
from this excel sheet if row consist of some list of string which we gives in array like {“difference” , “between”, “explain”}if this word consist in row.item(0)the status to be updates as “yes”
i cant do update in row.item(1) so please help me