How to unzip all zip folder which are inside main zip folder

I had a zip folder.
Inside zip folder there is a folder and inside that there are some more zip folder.

I want to get all the images from all the zip folder.

Extract/Unzip Files activity
Will have to use some For Each Loops as you unzip the folders/files


Hi @Puneet_Singh

You can use this workflow,
You just have to pass the ParentZip Path, and create some folder Structure as Data folder.
Inside Data folder a Temp folder, Intermediate folder and Output folder.

UnzipFoldersinFolders.xaml (11.4 KB)

That would be able to get all the image files in Output folder,
Just in the code you need to change the extension of file here,

I ran it for .txt files.


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Thanks sir… I am having one issue in your flow.
Sometimes what happen is we unzip parent folder and inside that we have one folder which is having images in this case your flow is not moving images to output folder.
Sometimes we unzip parent folder it having folder inside that we have some images and some zip folder and those some zip folder is again having folder and inside those having images.
How to build this.

Then in that case @Puneet_Singh

You can export the sub ZipFolders into the temp folder itself.
and When Fetching the files you can fetch it from the temp folder itself.
Meaning don’t use the intermediate folder at all.
That way if your parent folder had some zip files some image files, it would be able to take images from parent zip folder as well.

The current flow was going like Parent Zip > Temp > InterMediate> Output
Replace variables intermediate with temp itself.
so it would go like Zip> Temp> Output ( I.e.) whatever is inside temp folder be it direct images or images inside zip(which would be extracted first) but then would be taken into account.


Happy to help!