How to trun columns data in to rows in excel using uipath

Hi Team,

I have excel with data in columns.
I need to columns data into rows .

Please find the input data screenshot for your reference below

This data is available in columns so i need to separate the data in to rows with invoice number, filename and issues with header.

Please find the output of excel below screenshot for your reference

Can you please help me to transpose the columns data into respective header rows.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Baby123

Hi @Baby123
here is an easy way to transpose row values to columns.

Assuming you already have a datatable (lets call it dt_source) with one column of relevant values, which you want to transpose to columns.

  1. Initialize a new empty datatable (for transposed values, lets call it dt_target)
  2. Iterate through dt_source with a For Each Row activity
  3. Inside the For Each Row Body insert an Add Data Column activity
  4. Fill the properties with the target datatable (dt_target) and the ColumnName (that would be the row(“value”) to be transposed)
  5. That’s it, you’re done. Write Range (dt_target) to Excel to inspect your results.

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