Transpose the excel sheet data

I want to transpose the input excel file to output excel file .
Here I attached the examples file also plz help me to resolve
In input excel data is dynamic ( it change the count in next month)
output.xlsx (16.7 KB)
Input.xlsx (16.8 KB)

Good Morning @Aarthy1,
I am looking your problem

Hi @Aarthy1

Have a look on the thread


Step 1:
Drag β€œExcel application scope” and β€œRead Range” activities into the designer panel to read the input excel

UiPath DataTable Transpose 1.PNG

Step 2:
Drag β€œWhileβ€œ, β€œAdd Data Column” and β€œAssign” activities into the designer panel to create dummy columns
(Because here we are transposing the headers too)

UiPath DataTable Transpose 2.PNG

Step 3:
Drag β€œFor Each Rowβ€œ, β€œWhileβ€œ, β€œAdd Data Row” and β€œAssign” activities into the designer panel and write the logic to convert rows to columns.

Step 4:
Finally, execute the workflow to see the results

UiPath DataTable Transpose 4

Hi @Aarthy1 ,

Could you try checking the output with the Component below :

HI @Aarthy1

Install the NovigoSolutions.TransposeDataTable

Have a look on the XAML file

Transpose.xaml (7.0 KB)



Hello @Aarthy1 , Try this
By using modern excel activities , we can transpose the data using copy paste activity
Kindly refer this flow, It may helps you (85.7 KB)

To enable the activities, Click filter on activity pannel and select the show modern

select the transpose option in the copy paste activity

Gokul Jai

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