How to/troubleshooting: import namespaces

There have been a few posts about how to import namespaces, but i’m left with a wierd problem that i hope you guys can help with.

A while ago (about 6 months) i made some code collecting mail, useing the Mimekit and Mailkit namespace.
The code in that workflow works fine.
Now i want to move that code to another project and so need to import the 2 namespaces again, however i cannot get that working

In the workflow where it’s working, it is apearing in the import list:
I can also find it in a search from the searchbar:

So when i go to the other project, i cannot find it in the list, and it does not apear when i search for it in the searchbar:

If i go into the package folder in programfiles i can see it’s there:

For all purposes, it seam to be installed as it should, but i can’t import it, and so can’t use my custom code that requires it to be imported
What am i doing wrong?

I have tried

  • Reinstalling the default mail activity package. (when i uninstall it and restart the program, it’s automatically installed again
  • Reinstalling with an older version of the mail activity package (that have a dependency for MailKit)
  • downloading the nuget file from source and replacing it with the current package
  • burning through about 120 google searches looking for answers

Please help!
I’ve been dealing with this issue for days now, and we have a production that is standing still, waiting for my updated workflow :sob:

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