How to trim a column in I tried using Covert but its not working

dtMasterTable.Select(“[Column0] = '”+var1+“’ AND Convert([Column4],System.String.Trim) = '”+var2+“'”)

Var1 & Var2 are variables.
Column4 has some spacing in the front and at the end, so need to trim and compare the values.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pk123
Please Try this one.



Hi @pk123
Please Try this one.

Here you are converting Column4 To string then Applying Trim. Trim is String Operation


I tired the below statements but it didn’t work.

dtMasterTable.Select(“[Column0] = '”+var1+“’ AND [Column4].ToString().Trim() = '”+var2+“'”)
dtMasterTable.Select(“[Column0] = '”+var1+“’ AND [Column4].ToString.Trim = '”+var2+“'”)

@pk123 can you show me what are you doing by this and what you want…please attach screenshot of excel file.

Here is the sample data:

Datatable 1

Column0 Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 Column7 Column8 Column9
abc value value value value 123 value value value '456789
xyz value value value value 456 value value value '2223
zxc value value value value 789 value value value


Emp ID F Name L Name City ID
123 abc qwe CBE '456789
456 xyx asd BLR '2223

We need to compare the ID Column and Emp ID. This ID column has spaces and it needs to be trimmed. I am iterating the first datatable. Var1 and var2 are variables and they have their values from datatable 1

can’t you try with AsEnumerable?

dt_MasterTable.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (r) r.item(“ID”).ToString.Trim = “value1” And r.Item(“Emp ID”).ToString.Trim = “value2”).CopyToDataTable()

Thanks @whitestar

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