How to trigger the Ui Path flow, if we update a row/column in the Database?

Hi Everyone,

Need your help for the following usecase.

1.)User perform the following action(Manually) in the Database add/edit/update/modify/delete a record in row/column.
2.)Now the ui path should trigger an existing flow( for instance-Gmail Login).


Hi @pakamsuman,

I don’t think we have a direct activity to achieve this, Instead you can use your database trigger to update or create a text file in a directory with the necessary information to send in a mail.

The UiPath Xaml should watch the folder for any new file, if we get a new file then have to trigger the mail from your xaml. This is kind of file watcher…

Mention your database as well… Here I have considered SQL server or MySQL.

Hi Sarathi125,
Thanks for your reply. I will try the given solution. We’re using MS SQL Server 2014 to perform the db update.

Pakam Suman.

Hi, do you find the solution?