How to trigger activies and run parallel with bot at background


I need to run some activities parallel with other activities at background…

for ex: I have a input dialog where user continuously enter values and the that values get stored at excel… Once 1st row of excel got filled then it should trigger another activity which is entering the excel value in some web application… Now the second activity i.e., entering the excel value in some web application should run at background along with excel data filling…

Can anyone help me with suggestions for the second part means triggering and parallel process part ??


You could check out the Parallel activity. However, from my understanding it doesn’t work as well as you would probably want.

  • Each activity alternates in parallel and not at the same time, therefor if one activity gets held up from looking for an element or an input, the other side will not execute til that side has moved to next activity.
  • Since they alternate, the shorter side would need to be in some kind of loop and exit once the longer side is finished with a boolean variable or something.

You could try this, but I don’t think it will work that well for you.

My suggestion would be to wait til all the inputs or a line of inputs are finished and stored in Excel, then go and process it on the web then complete or return for more inputs.



As per discussion with @andrzej.kniola :wink: somewhere :slight_smile:
This will help you i guess

Parallel invoke isolated might work, depending on how syncing is implemented internally. Either way everything needs to be done with background methods, any hardware emulation reliance will make it go wild really fast.

ParallelInvokeTest.xaml (6.8 KB)

NotepadTyping.xaml (7.4 KB)

Starting NotepadTyping directly → 60s
Running 5 of them with Invoke isolated in parallel → 61s

Tip- While Dealing with browser better to use and stick with attached browser objects and with relative selectors.(everything is happening inside attached browser object).



thank you aksh1yadav, but I want other four process to be run in background… and one in ui… Can i able to input and process web applications at background?

Yes you can but with unattended Robot with Orchestrator.


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Hi all,

One question regarding working with process in parallel,

I understand that one robot (either unattended or attended) can perform only one task at the same time?. I mean, imagine I want to run 2 processes at the same time, each of them last 1 hour. If I invoke both in parallel, with the parallel activity, they will run at the same time, BUT, to complete both processes will take 1+1=2 hours. Is it right?

So if i want to run n processes (of 1 hour) at the same time, If I wan them all to be finished in n*1=n hours. I will need n robots (Does not mind if they are front or back robots)?

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