How to trigger a hotkey combination i have setup to start/stop screen recording?

I have Hotkeys setup inside OBS to start/stop screen recording when I press Alt + Shift + 1, but I can’t figured out which activity allows me to press the keys in the middle of an scope?

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Did you try ‘Send Hotkey’ activity?


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I dont seem to have that activity, I’m using Studio. The closest I can find is Hotkey Trigger


You would have keyboard shortcuts activity…in which you would see a record button…click on it and press the key combination you need to record the combination as use it in the process flow


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Hi @null_null - Please refer to the below documentation

Activities - Keyboard Shortcuts (


As @Anil_G said you can find Keyboard Shortcuts activity

Click on record button and then press your keys, It will auto record

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Just to follow up, I figure out that you have to select Classic in the Activity Filters menu in order to see Send Hotkey activity. That activity is doing the trick, thanks for all the responses.

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