How to transpose a single column data's in datatable to a single row in another datatable

I have a column in datatable DT like:

now I need to make this as a single row in datatable NewDT like:
hii helo how

how to do this?Can anyone please help

Hello @rifnanahas ,

My suggestion would be reading the column to a string variable, then using the split activity (you have to install the Microsotf Activities Package) , slipt the contents of the variable in a array of strings.

Then using a for each item in the string array you add each item to a diferent variable.

Finally you use a add data row with the new variables.

You should create the datatable where you are adding the new datarow before this though.

PS, this is assuming that you know the max number of itens in the column, and you could need some tweaking with the splitting considering the actual separators in the original cell.