How to throw an error if Login page not open and password is wrong

Hi all

I Need to open application enter username and password - submit

what needs to be updated in Else in If condition
if the above task get fail it how to send email notification

Hello @Sam_H ,

After clicking Login, use Element exists activity and check for an element which appears after successful login.

If Element Exists = True : Log message - Logged in Successfully
Else : Send Exception email & then throw exception.


Any work flow sample can pls send it here

It should be inside a Try, and the send exception email should be in the catch. Only the Throw goes in the Else.

@postwick - Yes agreed. As a Best practice it is good to surround LogIn sequence in Retry block inside a Try block and Emailing part in catch block.

I was just giving idea of solution based on the question title.

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