Error message to the user at login

Hi, I am new in UIpath, I am curious about how to create a workflow/sequence/if solution for incorrect login name or password, and give back an error message to the user. Please help me which activities should I use and which order. I know message box, but how can compare the robot what is correct and what is not. I am using orchestrator for credential password.

Maybe it is trivial, but I couldn’t fnd proper solution on the internet.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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lets keep the whole sequence of activity inside a TRY block of TRY CATCH ACTIVITY
so that if that the login fails or if any exception occurs due to login it will go to CATCH block where we can use MESSAGE BOX activity or LOG MESSAGE ACTIVITY with input string as “Login Failed”


we can validate whether the login is made or not
witha element that appears when we have logged in to the page,i.e., there will be a solid element or image which will appear when we have logged in
so choose that element with ELEMENT EXISTS activity or if a image then with IMAGE EXISTS activity and get the output with a variable of type boolean named element_Exists

now use a IF condition like this
element_Exists = True
if true it will go to THEN part or goes to ELSE part where we can use Message box or Log message activity with the input string we want to get displayed

Cheers @csipy

Thank you! It looks good, what do you think?. The log message activity will also send message to the user or just log the error in orchestrator? Which is the easiest way to test the wrong case?

if you are talking about academy, please change the post category, it will help people identify your problem better.

Did u used try_catch method. What is inside the try block ? also did u got solution