How to the handle captcha

How can I handle this type of captcha because I tried with get,get text with ocr, etc
Getting captcha but some time right or sometime wrong


Hi @suraj_gaikwad ,

it looking like simple captcha so you can use “Get OCR Text” Activity



@suraj_gaikwad I Assume,in that case retry scope would be the better option

Yes, it’s captcha but missing characters

And I tried with get ocr activity same issue occurred

@tazunnisa.badavide @RajKumar_DC

Hi @suraj_gaikwad

You can retry if the captcha is false


Hi @suraj_gaikwad ,
This captcha is simple
you can use OCR activity

I have tried it

use UiPath document ocr,if in case at the first attempt the output result is not as expected, The I suggest you to enclose this ocr activity within retry scope