How to terminate / kill a background UiRobot process?

I’m running a background UiPath process that includes a trigger scope and waits for a selector element to change.

I want to gracefully terminate the process from another program, ideally by posting a windows message or some other inter-process communication.

Is it possible to gracefully end or stop a locally running UiPath Background process from another program? And do this in a way similar to pressing the Alt+F4 key on the UiPath process’s window (if it had window,(which it does not because it is running as a background process).

In other words:
How Can I stop a UiRobot Background Process (from another program or script)?


UiPath.IPC.Activities package might help you.

Message Receiver Trigger activity can receive signal from another UiPath process and we can create logic to terminate gracefully if signal is received.


Thank you. Can you explain how to install the IPC Activitie Pack for a UiPath C# project?


It doesn’t depends on language. However, unfortunately, it seems IPC package support only windows-legacy yet.
If use Windows-Legacy, can you try to install from official feed as the following?


Is there a way to revert my project back to Windows-Legacy? Or should I recreate it. (I did set project to Windows).

Looks like I already asked about How to change the target framework back to Windows-Legacy..

It looks like the most efficient way is to recreate the project.
Thank you for your kind and quick answers!

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