UiPath Apps 'Stop Process' Function


I had a request from a customer to build in a simple pause/stop function for a long running bot, as sometimes they need to kick it off the software it runs on to allow them to complete a task.

I was hoping this would be a quick job, a simple pause button I could build into the existing UiPath App they have to send a stop process command, but it looks like that is not an option - you can only start a process.

I considered building a second bot to send the stop command via an API, but that won’t work as the first bot would be using the license and stopping it from running. I would have to build in logic in the first bot to check to see if the second one was waiting to run after every transaction.

Hence, unless someone has a better idea, my current plan is to just train them on how to do it via the Orchestrator and make sure to grant some users specific permissions to send a stop command to a running job. I don’t like this as it is not as sleek as an app, and the Orchestrator is quite intimidating to the untrained eye.

Will there ever be functionality to stop a bot from the Apps? Is there some other way I could do it that I am missing?



@g.ward ,

This is great idea to have features of management from Apps but unfortunately we don’t have any right now.


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