How to take row data from datatable

Hello Team,

I have a datatable which i have scraped from webpage and on variable i have a value of "IP Address’ and i need to get the valye of “IP Owner” “Provider” “ASN”… See snip for more clarification…


to print ip owner / provider etc… of each row use for each row activity,
inside the loop,
CurrentRow("IP Owner").ToString = current row ip owner
CurrentRow("Provider").ToString = current row provider
and so on…

you can also use
dt.Rows(0)("IP Owner").ToString to get ip owner of 1st row …

thanks for the response but i think you did not get me…

As per your response i will get the all the data but i need to only which is same in Ip address row.

Like i have a Ip 127.726.775.21 and i need to get “Adapa Durgaprasad” “Hostinger” “36785”

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ok use lookup datatable activity

set lookup value = “127.726.775.21”
set lookup column = “IP Address”
set rowIndex= foundRow (integer variable)

if row is NOT found, then foundRow = -1
otherwise foundRow is 0 or higher

then to get matching data just do

dt.Rows(foundRow)("IP Owner").toString

and so on… @Rajnish_Arora

Hi @Rajnish_Arora ,

You could achieve this in Several ways, some of the ways are mentioned below :

  1. Filter Datatable Activity
  2. Look Up Datatable Activity
  3. Linq Approach Where clause.

Let us know if you still need more details on this.

Yes…it working…thank you once again Jack… You are so Helpfull.

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