Excel Data Extraction

I am attempting to extract this information, in this format from excel.
First, the automation gets the first row number under “MM Code”, and enters it into a webpage. Next, it is to extract each IP Address range under the “To” and “From” column and enter each one in the grid, one at a time, into webpage. It is complete after that, and then moves onto the next MM Code (next row), and enters all the same IP address ranges again in the webpage.

I am using for each row and referencing the row with the header name, but how do I get each IP address range to be extracted in the loop? - Not just the first one in the same row as the MM code?

Code I have now:

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Hello @amc,

Just get the column values using LINQ Query and loop through column values

( From row in dataTable.AsEnumerable() Select row(“ColumnName”)).ToList()


How would I use a LINQ Query?