How to take a screenshot of a Table and PivotTable by name?


Need help with taking screenshot of Table and PivotTable by name. Since the number of rows in a table can vary, I think the best solution would be to use names.

All options for solving the problem are considered (e.g. Activity, Invoke Code, additional packages, VBA and others)

What I already tried:

  • VBA macro
    At the moment, this option is the best, but there are problems. I use the found method of creating a Shape and inserting data into it.
  • Take Screenshot of the Excel window and also Take Screenshot of the desired table selected via UiExplorer > Tree.
    Does not always see the desired table through UiExplorer. Does not make the picture of the data go beyond the screen.
  • UiPathTeam.Excel.Extensions.Activities > Select range > Copy as pitcure.
    This option is well suited for a static range. There is no way to specify a table name instead of a range.

What does not fit:

  • Take Screenshot of the Excel window.
    Takes a screenshot of only what fits on the screen.
  • Screenshot of static render (“A1:C7”).
    Since the number of rows in the table can change.

I am attaching an excel file with prepared examples of Tables and PivotTables to the post. They are named Distribution and DistributionPivot.

DistributionExample.xlsx (14.9 KB)




Hi @P2L ,

Could you also let us know whether these tables are being created by UiPath Process or if it is an Input that you receive that you want to then perform operations on ?

Hi supermanPunch,

The submitted excel file will be used as a template. The data will be pasted into the table and then Pivot will be refreshed.

Hello, the question is still relevant.