How to Sync Studio and Studio web in latest version 2022.10?

Can we sync UiPath Studio web and Studio?

Yes, with the latest release of UiPath 2022.10, we have the option to sync the projects between Studio Web and Studio/StudioX. This helps the freedom to work in either of the studios and helps to sync the cross-platform projects. :rocket:

For example, if someone made some changes to the project in Studio web and you need to continue the work from the latest changes, you can use get Latest version to fetch the updated project from Studio web or if you need to push the latest code to Studio web we can use Save to cloud.

Also, there are provisions to open the projects in Studio Web from Studio/StudioX or vice versa.

To save a Studio project to Cloud, select Cloud Compatible > Save to Cloud from the bottom right corner of Studio.:pushpin:

After saving to the cloud, select Cloud Compatible > Open in Studio Web to access the project from Studio Web.:pushpin:

Note: This feature is now available only with Cross-platform projects :white_check_mark: