How to stop overwriting excel file

I get data from two different links into an excel file. The issue is that the old data is overwritten from the new one data (2nd link). How can I fix that? I tried to count the rows from that excel file with read range but I don’t know how to use that so I can put the new data (2nd link) after the old one (1st link).

You can have a base blank template in Excel that has all the columns and then after fetching data append the data using Append Range activity in the file.

Also of you don’t want to have a template, you can have a logic to check the the output is generated and if yes, check the number of rows it has using Read Range
If the file is not created or doesn’t have any rows then you can use Write Range or use Append Range

Thanks a lot, I used append range so I have all the data in one sheet. I appreciate your help.

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