How to split

i want output 91,

or if its like this 23-87-45-93-00000
output should be 93

whatever is written on 4th place ,it should be output

Hi @Ananya1,

1.I hope you want to split using “-”.

2.You can do it as…

 **strArray = strVar.Split("-"c)** 

3.where strArray is an array and you get each number in it.

4.If you want fourth one you can retrieve it as strArray(3)


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Any doubts let me know…

Hi @Ananya1

I have create workflow based on your requirement please find below attached zip file I hope you will get the solution.


GetRate.7z (86.8 KB)

Kommi Jeevan


can u please share workflow

Yeah give me some time…

okay,thank u

@Ananya1 Below is my workflow

Here you go…

Check this zip file … can change the value after the split to get different numbers in your string… (19.0 KB)


@Ananya1. You checked my workflow its working fine.


It is very easy, follow this step:-

str = “23-35-64-91-00000”

strAr = str.Split(“-”.ToCharArray)

Now you have your required output in the variable :- strAr(3)

put any type of input value in the variable str like str = 23-87-45-93-00000, etc etc

This expression would do that
If the input is
str_input = “23-35-64-91-00000”
Then the output will be
str_output = Split(str_input,”-“)(3).ToString

So str_output = “91”

Cheers @Ananya1

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Thank You

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