How to split the one excel sheet data into 4 different text file

I have data in excel which is in page break preview format

The data in excel, i want to split in 4 different ways and write in a 4 text files.

1st Text file should contain the company details should extract from the same excel
2nd text file - Invoice details same from the excel sheet
3rd text file-table content
4th text file- lower part of data below the table

My question is how to split the one excel data into 4 text files.

There are many different ways that can happen. Not sure what you’re going for specifically, but you would want to use an Excel application scope activity, and inside of it you want to do a read range activity. You could read the entire work book or do one page at a time inside of a loop. Then to copy into a text file you could use a write text file activity.

It really just depends on what you are doing, but if you check out those activities, and even check out some of the tutorials for the Excel application scope, for retrieving and handling excel data I always find that useful. It looks like they’ve updated the page to include much more information than it used to have.

Scroll down to the bottom half of the page for definitions of some of the activitiies, and how you might want to use them.