How to split one single page in a PDF?

I would like to know if it is possible to split a single pdf page (a pdf that contains just 1 image) into two pdf files as follows:

  1. The initial PDF file that contains 1 page
  2. It should be split in the half of the page in a way that we can obtain two pdf files, one containing the first half of the previous page and the other one the second half.

I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance

If you know there is a clear break between sections, use ReadPDF to obtain the text, split the text into two sections then write each section into a word file and save as PDF.

What I painted is just an example. The document contains also images so I can not do it like you suggest. Thanks!

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Hi @EngAnalyst

Check this



Similar approach then if it is more than text but convert PDF to word and then add page break at which ever point you want to.

Adding a page break can be done using "[d(ctrl)][k(enter)][u(ctrl)][k(enter)][k(back)]" inside a Type Into activity

Hi @EngAnalyst
Try to use flexy abbyy it will help u alot with your problem!