PDF pages seperation


Hi All,

Could some one help me with splitting the pages in PDF.

Example, if PDF has 50 pages in it I want to create 50 pdf’s separately. Is there a way to achieve this.

Very needed!.



Here is my approach.
step1.To read PDF page one by one create a variable int type =1 and pass this to “Input” Range property of Read PDF Text and increase counter in for each loop
step2. Copy the output of PDF (string type) to word document.
step3. Save as PDF.


Hi @ddpadil,

Could you please tell which activity to use to copy the output of PDF to word doc? Thanks!

step2. Copy the output of PDF (string type) to word document.

How to split PDF files


Of course, you can easily split PDF files on the basis of the page. Few days back, I got a PDF document containing 40 pages and I was in need to create 40 PDF files. But, I could not find any reliable tool to perform the tasks. Then, one of my friend suggested me to use PDF Splitter Software. I must say this software helps me to split PDF document without any difficulty. Other advantageous feature of this tool is, it provides 4 options to split files. These are given below:

1- Split by Range
2- Split by Page
3- Split by Even Pages
4- Split by Odd Pages