How to split address

i want to split address 5700 DOT COM CT STE 1000
Oviedo, FL 32435-3400

i want to paste this values in fields as

Addess-5700 DOT COM CT STE 1000

Need some more address data to make a general regex

Hi @T_Y_Raju

To get address u can use below regex pattern


To get the city use the regex


To get zipcode



Hope it’s helps you


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@T_Y_Raju - Here you go…Below will match most of the US addresses(Assuming address 1 & address 2 will always comes in the first line, because in US sometimes address 2(Like Ste, Apt, etc) prints in 2nd line…

Group1 = Address
Group4=Zip Code

You have to write, youregexvariable(0).groups(1).tostring to get address…

Refer this post on how to get group variables…

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how to build code iam not aware can you plz share the code it would be very helpful

can you Please help he with code, that would really help he i am new to UIpath Technology

hi @T_Y_Raju - As i mentioned above Refer this post about Regex… Regex help tutorial MEGAPOST – Making your first Regex post, Reusable Regex Patterns, Regex Troubleshooting, Sample Workflow and more

To get to know about Regex, please spend 30 mins and go through this video

Hi @T_Y_Raju – Please find the starter help here… (34.9 KB)

@T_Y_Raju - Did you get a chance to test the solution provided? If yes, then please mark my post as solution which will close this thread and help others looking for the solution.

Hi @T_Y_Raju,

Refer below link it might help you: