How to Split 1 column into 2 column Excel in Uipath (the Column is WrapText)

Hi All,

I’m having some issue to split the column from 1 to 2 as the column is under all WrapText, is anyone can help me on this? I have attached the Excel file as below.

Sheet 1 is the original data I have
Sheet 2 is the result I need.
Appreciate your help on this issue. Thanks.
Data.xlsx (11.4 KB)

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Hi @Srini84 Expert, Appreciate your help for this issue again. Thanks

Hi @Parth_Doshi Bro, hope you can help me on this issue.


Try as below

Build a datatable and split as below

After that using Write Range activity you write to sheet2

Hope this helps


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Hi @Srini84, You are the best! This is work perfectly now!


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