How to speed up table extraction process

Hi Guys,

I am using the table extraction activity to extract a certain data table from SAP GUI. The table has significant number of rows (~20K). Currently, it takes up to 40-45 mins to do the same. Is there any way cut down on this time ? Or in other words, how to optimise the said activity?

Thanks in advance

Its better to first save the complete data to XLS or CSV and use read range rather than extracting it directly from UI.

@Ray_Chaudhuri_Riddhi For most of the scenarios, SAP GUI has a button (should be in top or header) to export the table data to excel or csv. If you don’t find this option try to right click on the table and see any options available

So you are suggesting to access the database instead and download through queries ?

Nothing as such here. Its is most probably because admin has disabled or something like that