How to specify sheet name for excel application scope instead of creating sheet 1?


I am trying to write some data into excel file so I am using Write Range with Excel Application Scope and I am specifying sheet name as Summary for write range.

Whenever I am running the workflow it generating output excel file with two sheets summary and sheet 1 but my intention is to create summary sheet only and I know I can achieve this by using workbook write range activity but in that case I am facing excel data format issues.

So, how can I specify sheet name to Excel Application Scope instead of creating sheet 1.



Sounds like you’re on the right path! Can you share your workflow and we can see why it is duplicating?

try this:

Also, uncheck “Create New file”.

Idea is to create an excel only with “Summary” sheet and then use the excel application scope to load the write the range to excel.
I have given write range inside the excel scope as new data table for testing, but you would need to mention the data table that you need to write to excel.

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Thanks @pravinraj.vincent for the solution.

This is the only way to achieve the task?

@Karun This is one of the way. I do not see a direct way to do this if you want it to do within the excel application scope. This is because, when a new excel sheet is created, it always gets created with “Sheet1”.

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Ok got it but Excel application scope activity should provide option to enter sheet name.

Thanks for the help.

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