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I have a one question regarding Excel , i am trying to create one process and within that i must need to create an excel file in run time and paste the value which is stored in variable,
is it possible that i have stored one variable into string so now i am trying that whenever process will run it create one excel sheet or csv and paste that value inside of excel or csv

Use excel application scope and give the path @Khawaja_Junaid,

It will check if the excel exists or not. If it exists , it will open that or else it will create new excel .
Make sure you have checked create new in the properties pane

So, if you want to write a string value to excel use Write Cell instead of Write Range.

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Hi @Khawaja_Junaid

To create a excel file, as @HareeshMR said you can check CreateNewFile parameter of Excel Application Scope,
You can use Create File activity to create different types of files in the specified location.

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