How to specify Project Settings (Uipath, Testing)

I want to get out the verification messages when testing. How should I set it in Project Settings? If someone could share an example…


When testing if you need the message you need to use the required verify activity

the setting syou are seeing here is what to use in that activity by default when the activity is used


Hmm no I don’t think there option to do this
May be as a workaround u can avoid including mentioning the result of verification activities as a log or trace

Hope this clarifies
Cheers @ext-o

Thank you for the responses. The ‘Output’ option does return boolean value, and that is working as ment. But ‘Messages’ returns nothing… So is there any way to get some other content out of the verification result (in addition to boolean)? Of course that can be created with some basic methods as well. I just wonder if I could save that message in a variable that these verification activities automatically prints out to output panel.


please provide the output message format…then you would get it

if you want to include any message…or the values from result can use {Result} in the message format

eg: The output is {Result}