Trouble with Custom Output Messages

Hi forum,

we are currently facing an issue with custom output mesages for the “Verify Expression with Operator” activity.
The issue is that after adding a custom message, the output message does not show the exact Expression, but rather the result/value of the expression. We also tested the behaviour with the “Verify Expression” activity and there it shows the correct expression. However, changing activities is not an option for the client.
Is there an argument missing to show the exact expression?

We tested with Studio 2022.4.3 and TestingActivities 22.4.3 (53.2 KB)

Thank you very much in advance.


1+1-2 = 0

Generic Output Message: “Verification passed. The expression ‘1+1-2’ with value ‘0’ was equal to the expression ‘0’.”

Custom Message: “{LeftExpression} {Operator} {RightExpression} {Result}”

Expected Result: “1+1-2 equal to 0 True”

Output in Logs: “0 equal to 0 True”

Hi Gero,
We’ve working on a solution.


I agree with your question. But UiPath says the custom message will appear in the orchestrator. Meaning, when you run the tests from the Orchestrator, only then you will see your custom message. Hope that clarifies, although it does not satisfy the need.