How to solve this?

Having a Dynamic excel which is changing every time and another excel is called standard excel.
I try have to compare with contains operator with the Standard excel with Dynamic excel but its getting an error while comparing.

Need to check the data in Dynamic excel with Standard excel if it is contains those values in Standard Excel, then count the values in session column in Dynamic excel and store in one variable.

other values will store in another variable.

Dynamic Excel:Dynamic Excel.xlsx (23.2 KB)

Standard Excel:Strandrad Excel.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Can you please help for this query

Thanks in Advance


We can try with JOIN DATATABLE where it will get the matching records with Join methods and once after getting the output datatable we can add the session column for total value

Cheers @keerthi_arumugam

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do you want to get increased the count by 1 or readout the count?

what is meant in detail?

What about following:

  • filter out all dyanmic excel rows, which are having a match in standard excel?
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yes, Dynamic excel values contains the above standard excel.

I.e :

Take a all the Values which is contain “/campaign/WV-0921/”

So it will be interpretated as:

will rated as match, as we do see
on Standard

Feel free to recheck the remaining open questions from above

yes Exactly…Dynamic excel contains Standard excel which is take the prefix of the value.

read in both excels with read range (dtStandard, dtDynamic

give a try on following:

Create a variable: dtFiltered | datatype = DataTable

Assign activity:
LHS: Result | DataType: List(Of DataRow)

(From d in dtDynamic.AsEnumerable
let chk =  dtStandard.AsEnumerable.Any(Function (x) d(0).toString.Trim.StartsWith(x(0).toString.Trim))
Where chk
Select r = d).toList

then check within an if acitvity
Result.Count > 0
Then: dtFiltered = Result.CopyToDataTable
Else: dtFiltered = dtDynamic.Clone

So it will filter out from Dynamics all rows with a match in Standard

Thank will try and let you know

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