Want to Compare two excel file and fill the data into this excel file but the Problem is Headings are Dynamic from one row to another how to overcome this

Screenshot 2023-05-15 110954

can you provide more details

How do you want to compare ( criteria )

Provide both the sample files along with expected output data


Compare Code Column of DT1 with Code Column of DT2 to fill the gaps in DT2 table from the data of dt1 but the challenge is headings are changing dynamically in DT2

are these present in excel ?

or are you having them in datatables

also attach the excel file


New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (9.0 KB)
I have both Data table in sheet1 and Sheet2

just to have more clarification how you are getting this data ?

are extracting the data somewhere else or some one is providing through excel

can you please give some explain


this what the client gave we have to lookup value using Code Column then we have fill the second sheet but the headers are dynamic

I need to Populate the yellow colored area…But the heading are dynamic from one row to another

working on that only

will give you update once completed


ok…I Am Waiting

one doubt the column names are not exactly same in both sheets

will this going to be same or is it by mistake you entered

example : Nav in sheet2 and NAV in sheet1 one is in proper case and other is in upper case


There is no Problem, Both are same,Manually I edited this, thats why , You can change as your wish…Like both are i Capital Case oterwise small Case

try this

LookUpexcel.xaml (25.4 KB)

Column Names should match on both sheets

and also the format should be same every time

If you face any issue let me know