How to snapshot table in excel to picture?

I want to snapshot data table in excel to picture and attach picture in body mail outlook.
data.xlsx (24.4 KB)

Please guide me about it.


Check for this component

Activity- Copy as picture

Cheers @Maria99


Hello @Maria99,

one more possible way, perhaps easier, is to use “Take screenshot” activity. :slight_smile: Just indicate Excel window and tah-dah!

In case of any questions - please ask.

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Have you tried to use what @Palaniyappan proposed? Not sure if you’d be able to do it purely from the Excel sheet. You can also import Excel to .pdf and send it, maybe it’s a better way? :slight_smile:


you can set the print area for that page to have only table in that and then print that part, for print for can go for script or if not that, use Hotkey commands

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