How to skip type into if the input is empty?

TYPE INTO: I want to skip the type into if the input is empty, at the same time if the input has values, I need to overwrite the existing value and update the web page fields. To Overwrite, I am using the empty field property option which will overwrite the data.

For now I can think of 1 option to add If loop for each Type Into activity. Is there any other option to achieve this ?

That will be the best option I think so that it will check for all the values we are entering into the web page. I hope you are looping through values in a datatable, filtering the datatable with all the non-empty values and then writing will be one option @RajiP

Hi @RajiP,
You can just use If activity and condition related to input dialog result like this:

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Yes, what you mentioned is correct. We have to use If and check if that string is null or empty and simply perform the option based on it

Even after filtering the datatable with non null values, the type into still has empty field checked so it will remove the existing value in the edit webpage.

Hi @RajiP ,
If you have repetitive logic for lot of type into activity , you can create move all logic into workflow file with typeinto then pass selector and input_value as input arguments. It will look like extended TypeInto activity with your own logic as wrapper.

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