How to simulate "enter" in "Type Into" activity?

Hi there,

May i know how do i simulate enter without unchecking the simulate type in the type into activity? It does not enter even though i checked simulate type. I tried the send hotkey activity but it doesn’t work.

Use click before typing in type into activity

@AshwinS2 This is a drop down content, so i have used the click to expand the drop down and then i added type into to insert the text i want, now i want to simulate enter in order for me to choose another drop down. How do i do it? Thanks

Hi @newbie2,

You can use Tab in a separate activity, or in the Typeinto itself you can add the tab here once you have typed the desired value.

Cannot use tab, it will not choose the value that i want in the first drop down and i will not be able to choose the second drop down as the first one is the prerequisite