How to close the message pop-up on the web screen.

Hi All,

I am trying to close the message popup on the screen which doesn’t exist the indication
Getting “The indicated elements doesn’t belong to the target application browser”

Can someone pls help to do the activity?

Thank you


The element which you indicated for Get text or type into that is indentifiable for robot, because you are working with one application and opening another application so that the bot does not identifying the element.So please indicate in the correct application


Attaching the below thread for your analysis

Only one application but getting popup window that I need to close
But which activity we need select


Indicate the pop up ,If pop up appears then use click activity to close


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That means you need to use a separate use application/browser for the pop up and then use click inside it…in use application/browser indicate the pop up

Hope this helps



Popup is not indicated due to target issues so any other suggestions?


What target issue?


Target is message from webpage and need to ok or close which is not happening as I tried with check app state
When we select it’s comes up message from webpage that I need to close so could you please help