How to share text doc in mail


I have done extracting pdf text and write into text file now i have to share text which store in text file?
i dont want share as a file only text

Hi @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou

  1. Use the “Read Text File” activity to read the content from the text file and save it to a variable say textContent.
  2. Use the email activity of your choice (e.g., “Send Outlook Mail Message,” “Send SMTP Mail Message,” etc.) to compose an email. Set the appropriate properties such as “To,” “Subject,” and “Body” to compose the email. In the “Body” property, use the textContent variable to include the content of the text file.

Hope it helps!!


are you referring to send the text in body or

attach the text file to mail

What is the issue you are facing


Hi @Suraj_Gaikwad_Nuvama_Grou
If I understood it correctly you already have a variable through which you wrote the text in the text file? If this understanding is correct, then you can use the same variable to write the text in the mail using appropriate mail activities.

send a text in body

i have store text in variable and that variable pass in body but getting text file

then you can simply give the variable as input in body of the mail

here variable is initial you read data from pdf right?

the same variable you can provide as input


yes right ! means i have to pass that pdf variable ?

Yes that’s Correct

yes you are right

Pass the pdf variable only


ok ! but my pdf txt is store in txt file ?

not sure for what reason you have wrote to text file?

same variable you can use , which is output from read pdf activity


i m reading with find matching pattern using regex so pass just regex variable but blank mail

can you share the flow how you have implemented?

give some example like what is exact use case

So that we can get to know what exactly


1.go on web pdf files that all files but (Specific Text )
4.Mail the specific text

so are you appending the specific text to text file ?

do you want to send all together at last of processing the pdf file

if that is the case then you can try this

  1. Read the text file and store in variable once all files are processed
  2. Now you can use the variable in the mail body and send the mail

otherwise what you can do is keep one variable separate say finaldata
you can append the specific text from pdf to this and later once all pdf files are completed then you can send the mail with the finaldata


Done !


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