How to share project file to client

Hey guys , can anyone help me how to share the project file to client. I developed a project in my bot and i don’t know how to share the codé or deploy that code into my client machine can anyone help me this. This is my first project , I’m new to this . if anyone knows please help me


One suggestion: you could create an Orchestator Account for your customer (You could, for example, create a gmail specific for this pourpose). Upload your Bot to this Orchestator, Connect the Orchestator to the Machine that is going to run the robot and teach your customer to use the UiPath Assistant.

One adjustment you will have to make is use the full path for all excel files used in the Bot.


Thank you

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hi @ranaprathap928,

If you want to share the Code to the Client.

2 Ways

  1. Publish your code to the orchestratror and then Client can login to the Orchestrator and Downlaod the Nudget from Processes and Get the Code from it.

  2. Instead of publishing the code to Orchestrator - Publish the code to the Custom/Local Drive and share the Nudget to the Client via email.

Now - Ho to retreive Code from nudget.

  1. rename the .nupkg to .zip
  2. Unzip the Folder
    3.You will see something like below
  3. Open Lib >> Net 45 . You will get the Code



Thanks mukesh

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