How to set reminder date


I have a task to set a reminder date about expired insurance.

Case :

Insurance expired on 1 October 2022 (1/10/2022)

I have to output to excel 3 months before the insurance expired. So the robot will output to excel on 1 July 2022 (1/7/2022) every insurance that is expired on 1 October 2022. Any help on this?

  1. What all data is available in the output excel?
    2.Where do we get the expired date from?
    If you have the expired date in hand you can do

try this Expression:

check = if(DateDiff(“d”,convert.ToDateTime(Now.AddMonths(-3)),Convert.ToDateTime(now))=90,“Not expired”,“Expired”)

  1. Wdym by all data? I don’t get the point of ur question
  2. I get the expired date from a SQL Query inside the uipath. So the flow is query insurance of the customer → get expire date → save as data table → process the data inside → output to excel

okay what is that exactly you have to specify in the output excel?

Oh, the output will be “Insurance is 3 months left” or “Insurance is 1 year left” depends on the expire date of the insurance because it can be variety.

can you give me a screenshot of it in uipath flow? Thanks

Date.xaml (13.5 KB)
Hi @Rhys18

Please check the attached wf file

This is what I’m looking for. Thanks. 1 more thing, the insurance have different years of tenor. So the case is :

Customer A : Insurance Start 2017 and end on 2022
I have to output the reminder of each tenor (2018,2019,2020,2021,2020). Is this doable with your workflow?

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