How to set parameter code to orchestrator

I have a slight variant of this question. I can’t seem to override the input parameter to the Main.xaml in the REF application I’ve built at the Process Level.

I ran a quick test and the Attended process does not work if I compile and publish my package after removing the default value in the input parameter.

This works:

But this does not! Here the package is published after removing default value like so:

And then I pass in the file name as an input parameter at the Process Level as shown here (Processes > View Process > Parameters)


But it fails with “unable to find file” error. :frowning:


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—usually for attended bots if ran from robot tray it won’t be able to take the parameters from orchestrator
I think this feature is in pipeline

Cheers @AndyMenon

Hi @Palaniyappan
I have the same problem
I created 3 in_Arguments

  1. with a browser URL
  2. a Path location for saving file
  3. a name for the file
    but when im doing a"log message" and want to see those arguments inside the process (inserted the values in to the arguments inside the process page of the orchestrator) i dont get any value at all
    PLEASE HELP ME because i searched and couldn’t find any help on the subject…
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Can you have an outer process read a settings file and then pass the parameters as arguments to your actual process?

Based on the previous discussions it looks like Attended Bots running from the Robot Tray cannot accept input parameters.

Another option is to build your process using REFramework. It has the ability to put settings into a config file and pass it to your process.

Hope this helps.

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