How to set colour dynamically in excel

I want to colour text which i have in excel sheet . after filter done. but in dynamic way.
only we have that part only which data i filter.

Hi @vaibhav_manav

Hope the below link will be useful.

Thank you.

i want dynamically result. not with specific range.

Hi @vaibhav_manav

Please try VBA and set color dynamically after filtering,


hello bro,
i want to do colour with out using Macro.


Do you want to set color to entire cell or only to the text inside of the cell.


Either you can go with Macro, but you need to enable the VBA from the trust center
If some security settings stopping you, then you can use IF condition and in then place your Set Range Color Activity
Also if you want to color only the Range which has data then you can use Assign activity and create for example ExcelSheetIndex = Dt.Rows.Count + 2

Then in the Set Range you can give the end range as above

When the rows changes it will always work as dynamic

Hope this help you