How to set a value in csv file

I have a CSV file that has data. I need to set a value in a particular cell(Say D2) in CSV file.
How to do it ?
Please note that I dont want to set it in excel file. I only want to set in csv file.

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Hi Buddy @Pavan_Gunda

  1. use a read csv file activity that would read the csv with the path of the file you give
    and we can get the output of type datatable named out_dt
  2. Then use a assign activity like this buddy to edit the particular cell in that
    out_dt.Rows(1)(3) = “Thevalueyouwant”
    change that value of 1 and 3 accordingly buddy
    where 1 represents the row two and 3 represents the column D both startng with zero index
    then you can write back this datatable as csv again with output datatable activity buddy @Pavan_Gunda 3. Thats all buddy you are done
    Cheers @Pavan_Gunda

@Pavan_Gunda it can be possible by using write cell activity.try it once

did that work buddy @Pavan_Gunda

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